About us

We help bridge racial divides.

The Encouraging Place was created by founder Regelyn “Reggie” Edwards in 2008. We serve as consultants to churches on Biblical reconciliation and work to help organizations bridge racial divides.

How do we do it?

We hold annual conferences and forums on dismantling racism God’s way. We believe one cannot adequately deal with issues around racism without a historical, cultural, structural and institutional analysis.

Our core programming centers around the work of racial healing, empowering women through community, and meeting the needs of our neighbors with our annual Pride for Parents Christmas Store.


Encourage racial healing and understanding to create equity within our communities.


Inspire and promote an end to racism through community and group alliances.

Our founder and Executive Director

Reggie Edwards has over 20+ years of experience working in urban communities. She has led hundreds of men and women in a deeper understanding of race and reconciliation.

A Raleigh native, Reggie graduated from Justice Fellowship College of Theology with a Masters of Arts in Ministry in 2005 and is also an ordained Minister of the Gospel.

Through her women’s empowerment programs, she has impacted over 500 women and is a Certified Life Coach.


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