Women’s community

Empowering women through mutual support

The Encouraging Place listened to local women’s needs and designed a range of programs for support and mutual uplift.

Summer Oasis

The summer camp for women, Summer Oasis, is a women’s “time out” in the month of July. Kids go to camp, why can’t we?!?! Meeting in various locations around the city, speakers are invited to share on relevant women’s issues/topics. We want our time together to be a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying or difficult. This is an Oasis!


SisterShare is a continuation of Summer Oasis. It is a monthly women’s fellowship held in different locations around the city.

New Year, New You

At the start of each year, this inspirational gathering features exciting speakers, and wholesome fellowship as we prepare for the new year ahead!

Events are scheduled and updated regularly. Click “Upcoming Events” to view the very latest.